Existing Licensed Agents
Bob Parker, Licensed Insurance Agent with HealthMarkets Insurance Agency

Are you curious as to the top three reasons one independent agent found success after joining the HealthMarkets team? Would you also be curious why he would make such a move? If you are an independent agent, are you wondering if a career switch might be right for you, too? If so, read on to learn more.

With over 19 years of prior insurance experience, Bob Parker was working as an independent agent when a HealthMarkets career recruiter contacted him. “I had been an independent agent for several years with varying degrees of success. But, after the Affordable Care Act (ACA) passed, I had just about given up on the insurance business. In fact, I was re-training myself in the senior market when I received an email about HealthMarkets Insurance Agency,” says Parker.

The email peaked Bob’s interest. But, he wasn’t ready to make such an important move without doing his due diligence. And although he was quite familiar with a subsidiary of the company and had previously been an active agent with them, he wanted to know more.

Bob’s Due Diligence

The HealthMarkets career agent recruiter brought Bob up-to-speed. Bob learned how HealthMarkets transformed itself to leverage the ACA and became a different company. “They, in fact, reinvented themselves several times to meet the changing marketplace,” added Bob. “They didn’t roll over like so many other companies or pray for Congress to change its mind. Instead, they met the challenge head on. The company had made a 180 degree turn. I was intrigued and got excited.” Then, after more research, Bob made the decision to join HealthMarkets for a career agent opportunity. “And that decision has not been a mistake,” Bob adds. “In fact, I hit such a large home run coming out of training that I was afraid I was going to be a one hit wonder.”

Luckily for Bob, that hasn’t been the case. “In fact, things are going so well that I have attempted to recruit others because the demand is more than I ever dreamed. My wife has even gone into the business along side of me. I continue to fulfill people’s dreams of getting a quality health package and as a result, I am enjoying more fruits of my labor than I ever have.”

In addition to HealthMarkets being a forward thinking company and always doing its best to stay a step ahead of a constantly changing environment, Bob is certain his success is attributable to other key points as well.

Doing What He Can Now Enjoy

“As an independent agent, I worked with many, many different brokers and companies. Personally, I hated the office work that went with it. I had to keep dozens of people in the loop for each and every customer. It was time-consuming. Now with HealthMarkets, that isn’t the case. And I have all the support I need at my fingertips.”

Bob also emphasizes that for any independent agent out there thinking that HealthMarkets’ career opportunities might be the answer to success like it has been for him, one other key factor is important. “I now work with one centralized location. I have one place to go. It is so much easier than when I was reporting to so many different offices. I am still independent but HealthMarkets makes my days much easier and much, much more productive.”

If you are independent agent and Bob’s career success story at HealthMarkets inspires you, don’t hesitate. Contact HealthMarkets today to being writing your own success story.