Have you considered leaving your current job to become your own boss? Do you wonder how it would feel to open a storefront each day and get that sense of pride in ownership?

Do you think a career in insurance sales might be the answer but wonder if it involves too many hours on the road away from family and friends? Or that a career in insurance sales means that your car would become a traveling office with no home base?

If so, HealthMarkets Insurance Agency has the solution.

That’s right, not only does HealthMarkets provide its independent agents with:

  • Classroom training and personal mentoring
  • Sales support services
  • Innovative technology tools
  • A sophisticated lead generation program and marketing support
  • 180+ national and regional carriers that offer a competitive mix of product

But, it offers its agents the choice to open their own, local branded storefront office. It gives you a one up on the competition when it comes to insurance sales.

This storefront opportunity is a voluntary decision and is available to any contracted agent or Sales Leader. The storefronts are independently operated by a licensed Agent or Sales Leader with HealthMarkets Insurance Agency.

When you choose to open your own storefront consider all you will gain.

There will be no wasted time traveling to and from each appointment. Your car will not become your home away from home.

Your potential customers will begin to recognize you in the community and identify the HealthMarkets brand. There will be no need to meet at a coffee shop or bookstore.

Your existing customers will always know where to come for help. And they will get the sense that you are in it for the long haul. Not just there for the initial sale or open enrollment period.

For Gene Bailey, a top HealthMarkets Sales Leader, opening his branded storefront this past year has been a win from the start.

“I have worked hard to make my storefront synonymous with giving in my community,” says Bailey. “I do my best to show my support to community events and activities like our local dance teams, scouts, veterans and more.”

In return, Bailey is confident in one thing. “When potential customers in the community are in need of insurance, they will come to my storefront. By giving back to the community, it will reinforce that I want to make a difference. That I want to help them whether it is through supporting a local charity they are a part of or with their insurance needs.”

So why not embrace an insurance agent career path with HealthMarkets? Choose to open your own storefront and gain advantages over others in insurance sales that do not have this perk.

Don’t delay. Learn more now about the opportunity to open your own storefront. You will be glad you took the chance on a career in insurance sales to gain that sense of pride of ownership as your own boss. At HealthMarkets, we are sure you will be happy with your decision …every time you turn the key in the front door!