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Are you looking for helpful insurance agent career information? Do you know what personality traits are best if you want to become an insurance agent? Look no further—Christopher Mason, Senior Vice President of HealthMarkets, shares valuable insurance agent career information right here. Now, read on.

Mason Describes HealthMarkets

“At HealthMarkets, we create a unique and personalized customer experience. We have a 95% customer satisfaction rating. Plus, we have an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. And we have over 3,000 independent agents across the country. These agents assist individuals in their local communities daily,” says Mason. “HealthMarkets offers the largest independent career agent distribution group in the nation. And, we know the importance of building our team with just the right people.”

Four Traits of A Successful Insurance Agent:

  1. Desire to help people
  2. Have an entrepreneurial spirit
  3. Be self-motivated
  4. Have discipline

Mason states that with more and more customers taking advantage of HealthMarkets’ “3 Cs”—convenience, choice, and counsel—, the company is always looking for individuals to join in.

“Yes, we know that at the core of our business is our agents. That’s why we want to share this insurance agent career information. This information offers insight to the 4 personality traits I have seen in our top producers. And I feel this is important information to share to those who want to become an insurance agent,” adds Mason.

#1 Helpful Nature

The top trait on Mason’s list: desire to help people. “That’s right. HealthMarkets is all about helping people. It’s about listening to them to find out what their needs are and then educating them about our products. Then coming up with a plan to help them meet those needs based on their unique situation.” We also help people in the communities where we live and work. You can learn more about our corporate philanthropic programs at

#2 Entrepreneurial Spirit

Next: have an entrepreneurial spirit. “As an independent agent, having an entrepreneurial spirit is key. As your own boss, you have to think big and be in tune with your passion,” says Mason. “You have to be willing to take calculated risks, work smart, and execute.”

#3 Self-motivation

Self-motivation is another trait Mason shares in this insurance agent career information. Self-motivation requires an agent to set goals and put in the work to meet those goals without a boss looking over their shoulder. “It takes waking up every morning ready to help and doing whatever it takes.”

#4 Discipline

The last character trait important to recognize if you want to become an insurance agent is discipline. “Our top agents know the importance of discipline. They make and set goals. They hit the ground running each day. They know their market and their products. They are disciplined to find the best products to best help their customers.”

So, what next? If you think this insurance agent career information was helpful, and you feel the 4 character traits define you, contact HealthMarkets today and begin your track to success. We are certain you will be glad you took this first step towards making a career transition to become an insurance agent.