Agent Support

Are you curious what the perks are when you become an insurance agent at HealthMarkets? Do you ask yourself what support HealthMarkets, one of the largest independent career agent distribution groups in the nation, provides? Do you wonder what products you will have to offer? Does the thought of commission and rewards have you interested? Do you think you could achieve greater financial gain for your hard work with a move to HealthMarkets?

If these questions are going through your head on your quest to become an insurance agent, check out these top six perks.

  1. Access to more than 200 recognized and trusted carriers
  2. Product and sales training
  3. Technology and tools
  4. Sales support
  5. Competitive commissions
  6. Rewards and recognition programs

Then, decide if you are ready to rise to new challenges, advance your career, and help people along the way. HealthMarkets offers a platform for motivated and success-driven people. People ready to build an independent business in their local community. People who can make the most of these six perks.

That’s right. If you become an insurance agent with HealthMarkets, you will have access to more than 200 recognized and trusted carriers. HealthMarkets represents many of the nation’s top insurance companies including local, regional carriers. A portfolio of individual health, Medicare, life, and supplemental carriers is also available to fit the needs of a diverse customer base.

Along with a strong portfolio backed by trusted carriers, you will have access to both product and sales training. The HealthMarkets program gives new agents a road map for starting and building a successful business. Training is held both in classroom and in the field.

And to help achieve optimal success, HealthMarkets gives its agents access to technology and tools designed to stay a step ahead. Scheduling appointments, meeting with clients, and managing paperwork couldn’t be easier. These tools free up time to set more appointments, make more calls, and grow your business.

When it comes to sales support, help is always available to those who want to become an insurance agent at HealthMarkets. “My support team is available to me no matter what questions I have or what time of the day it is. They keep me driving in the right direction,” says Louis Simpson, an agent in the Company’s top 10.

Once training is finished and you are prepared to begin your career, compensation is available in a variety of ways. Your insurance sales income might include commissions and renewal as well as local marketing dollars. And of course, cash bonuses, incentives, trips, and recognition complete the compensation package.

So if you are ready to become an insurance agent and these HealthMarkets perks are for you, don’t hesitate. Visit Start My Career Now to learn how you can join one of the largest independent career agent distribution groups in the nation.