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Man leaving a review on Facebook

Many agents may already know the power of social networking, but they might be unsure of the best practices and ways to keep their audience engaged with fresh ideas.

Building a good rapport with your community and your colleagues is crucial, even if you have never met them in person. These creative marketing ideas for insurance agents can help you establish and maintain a successful social media presence to improve your brand and your bottom line.

  • Facebook: Using Facebook, agents can market to more users than with any other social media site. It is important to have a consistent stream of posts because this site has the largest number of potential clients. HealthMarkets agents can earn the opportunity to have their Facebook page automatically updated every week by the Marketing Department.
  • Twitter: Twitter is a wonderful platform for staying up to date on current events. It’s a good site for marketing to both your current and potential clients. Agents should take the time to post engaging and helpful content for consumers, while also putting their knowledge and opinions about the industry on display.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a great site for forming new professional relationships and keeping tabs on your peers in the insurance industry. It is a good idea to discuss success stories and celebrate the culture of your business. For insurance agents, coming up with creative marketing ideas to engage colleagues can be just as important as marketing to consumers in regard to growing their brand. Because your colleagues are your audience on LinkedIn, the focus here shouldn’t be on selling insurance.

Across all platforms, one of the most effective ways to generate buzz can be through testimonials. Whether through a video, a photo with a caption, or simply a quote, a testimonial is a great way to share what real customers think about your business.

Investing nothing more than your time can pay dividends if you can take advantage of the power of social media for your business. Remember, the most important thing you can do is keep a healthy supply of content on your social pages. Whether it is a picture, a post, or a poll, there is no better way to grow the name and client base of your business than through social media.

For even more social media success tips and creative marketing ideas, consider becoming a part of the HealthMarkets team of agents. Contact us to learn more.