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Many agents may already know the power of social networking, but they might be unsure of the best practices and ways to keep their audience engaged with fresh ideas. Building a good rapport with your community and your colleagues is crucial, even if you have never met them in person. These creative marketing ideas for […]

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For many agents, selling Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans (PDP) during the annual enrollment period (AEP) represents a big part of their income. But you can’t just jump right into it. If you’re a new agent, you should strongly consider getting your AHIP certification, which you’ll need if you want to sell Medicare Advantage […]

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If you’ve wondered about becoming an insurance agent who sells Medicare—or just need a refresher on selling Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans—the first step is getting an AHIP certification. The two-part online course ensures that you: Know the government guidelines. Follow the rules for selling Medicare. Ensure that your clients get all the information […]

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Medicare changes in 2020 will affect what Medigap products you have available to sell, including one of the most popular consumer choices. But with the right preparation, you can organize your portfolio (and your process) to best assist your new and existing clients in the coming year.  What Are the Upcoming Medicare Changes in 2020? […]

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Are you curious what the perks are when you become an insurance agent at HealthMarkets? Do you ask yourself what support HealthMarkets, one of the largest independent career agent distribution groups in the nation, provides? Do you wonder what products you will have to offer? Does the thought of commission and rewards have you interested? […]