New to Insurance

Being your own boss is appealing for many people, especially for those trapped in corporate America’s endless cycle of layoffs and stagnant salary and job growth. To provide satisfaction and stability, more people are considering a career change. Many of those are looking to start their own business.

But there is usually one question that everyone asks once they decide they want to be their own boss – do I build a business from scratch or do I buy a franchise?

Independence or Franchise

There are pros and cons to both. With franchises, you pay an upfront franchise fee and ongoing monthly fees for access to an established brand, a business plan, support and training. But there are tradeoffs for this access. Mandated marketing costs and monthly service fees can decimate your profits while providing little value at the locally. Many franchisors work 60-80 hours a week for very little return.

If you have that strong entrepreneurial spirit, this may not appeal to you. You may want to open your own business, build your own relationships and control your own destiny. However, striking out on your own has its inherent risks as well. That business plan that sounded so great in your head may not pan out in the real world.
There is a third way. One that will allow you to work normal business hours (no fast food franchise for you!), embrace the entrepreneur within, and provide an unlimited income potential.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is not.

HealthMarkets: the right career change for you

As a HealthMarkets independent insurance agent, you pay no franchise fees. The start-up costs are minimal, and the income opportunity is limitless. With motivation, hard work and a commitment to success, your agency can expand and grow as far and as wide as you can take it.

The insurance industry is transforming itself in fundamental ways. We provide our agents with solutions designed to help them succeed in this dynamic industry. You can be at the forefront of that change, making a difference in your community, and building relationships that last a lifetime.

So stop sitting on the sidelines. Make a career change now. Join more than 3,000 independent men and women already building insurance businesses with HealthMarkets. As you do, know that we have your back with an array of solutions and tools to help you build customer relationships and generate leads. We are here to help you successfully navigate this dynamic industry.

So if you want to say “no thank you” to franchise fees and would like a career change as a HealthMarkets independent insurance agent, contact us today.