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If you’ve wondered about becoming an insurance agent who sells Medicare—or just need a refresher on selling Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans—the first step is getting an AHIP certification. The two-part online course ensures that you:

  • Know the government guidelines.
  • Follow the rules for selling Medicare.
  • Ensure that your clients get all the information they need in the right way.

You need to complete both courses to earn your certification.

With an AHIP certification, you can sell Medicare Advantage plans during the annual enrollment period (AEP). Training for an upcoming plan year begins in early summer.

What’s Included in AHIP Medicare Training?

AHIP Medicare training covers a variety of basic information on Medicare and CMS guidelines, including:

  • Medicare eligibility and benefits.
  • An introduction to Medicare Advantage and Part D plans.
  • Medicare fee-for-service plans.
  • How to market and enroll Medicare Advantage and Part D beneficiaries.

What’s Included in AHIP Fraud, Waste & Abuse (FWA) Training?

AHIP Medicare training helps you spot fraud and gives you the tools to report and prevent misuse of Medicare, including:

  • The financial and human costs of Medicare FWA.
  • How to identify, combat, and report FWA.
  • How the industry detects FWA.
  • How to use the legal system.

How Often Do Agents Need to Take AHIP Medicare Training?

Since Medicare Advantage regulations change annually, agents need to take the AHIP certification training every year. It’s just part of becoming a health insurance agent. It will keep you fresh and make sure your clients are protected.

How Is the AHIP Certification Administered?

Each portion of the AHIP Medicare test has 50 questions and a time limit of two hours. To pass, you need to answer at least 90 percent of the questions correctly. The good news is that the test is open book, and you are allowed three attempts to earn your certification. However, the test is not easy, and you’ll need to allot time to study and prepare.

If you don’t pass after the first three attempts, you are allowed to take the course again, but you’ll have to pay your course fee a second time. Also, some carriers will not allow you to sell their products if you fail after the first three attempts within a year.

How Much Does AHIP Certification Cost?

If you still have AHIP Medicare training questions, HealthMarkets has answers. We provide our agents with an unprecedented opportunity for success, including training, competitive compensation, and a national footprint. Contact us to learn more.


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