Training Solutions

We help you develop expertise on products, sales processes, regulations, carriers, and more to ensure that your clients can always count on your advice.

  • Want More Product Info?

    We’ll keep you up to date on how to present and sell advanced insurance solutions.

  • Need the Facts of Life?

    Our life insurance training team helps with all phases of sales, underwriting, and planning.

  • Wonder How the Best Do It?

    Our Best Practices series and leadership mentoring ensure you’re using proven techniques that can help increase your sales.

  • Ready for the Future?

    We’ll help unlock your potential with e-learning, coaching, and instructor-led opportunities.

Know the Secret to Getting Smarter?

HealthMarkets’ training philosophy goes beyond the usual product training. We nurture your talent to help guide your success so that you can start, build, and grow your sales.

Want Convenience?

Our on-demand online training programs are mobile-friendly so you can study when and where you want.

Need Certification?

Our training ensures you have the knowledge and certifications needed to sell various carriers and products.

Need a Skilled Mentor?

Partner with an experienced agent to improve your game through ride-alongs and field training.

Want to Be an Elite Salesperson?

Our proven sales roadmap enables our agents to cross-sell at industry-leading levels.

Want to Stay Out of Trouble?

Not only are our trainings compliant. We offer programs on insurance and sales compliance that decrease the risk of regulatory and legal issues for you.

Worried About How to Market Yourself?

We offer programs that teach you to build your brand and generate leads.

Are You Ready to Grow?

We’re your insurance agent school. Whether you’re new to insurance or a proven pro, we’ll support you with robust training to help you succeed.