Frequently Asked Questions

Your resource for answers to common questions about becoming a licensed insurance agent with HealthMarkets Insurance Agency.

  • What type of business is HealthMarkets?

    HealthMarkets is a licensed insurance agency that offers products for the Medicare, individual health, and small business markets. We offer a wide range of insurance products through a team of more than 3,000 licensed, independent agents nationwide.

  • How is HealthMarkets performing?

    HealthMarkets has helped enroll Americans in more than 4 million policies and is profitable and growing. Our agents have strong opportunities for year-round sales through our expansive portfolio of products from more than 200 national and regional carriers.

  • How does HealthMarkets help the community?

    We take pride in giving back to the communities where we live and work. We partner with many local and national organizations to support a range of charitable initiatives. We promote a culture where our independent agents and employees can give their time and resources to serve others. You may learn more about HealthMarkets in the community by visiting

  • Is this an outside sales position?

    Our career opportunities are considered outside sales. But it isn’t door-to-door sales. HealthMarkets provides access to leads from prospects who have requested assistance. Many of your sales will begin over the phone where you can close the sale. You also can meet with your clients in person to close the sale. As one of our independent insurance agents, you can have the opportunity to open your very own branded storefront without any franchising or sign-on fees. You can meet customers in your storefront, at their home, place of business, or in a location you choose, at a time that’s convenient for you.

  • Is there a set number of hours that agents are required to work?

    There are no set hours. HealthMarkets gives you the flexibility to set your own pace and schedule.

  • What’s the process when agents come onboard with HealthMarkets?

    We have dedicated local agency staff and a centralized onboarding team to help agents through the licensing and carrier appointment process. Your onboarding also includes in-depth, on-demand, self-study training to help you deliver successful sales presentations to clients. Plus, you’ll receive ongoing training and coaching with local field leadership to support you throughout your independent agent career.

  • Does HealthMarkets offer training?

    From Day 1, HealthMarkets provides unparalleled training that allows you to start, build, or grow your independent insurance agent career. While you can set your own goals – and when and where you want to work – as a self-employed independent contractor, there is no franchise fee and our training is provided free of charge to help you get yourself up and running so you can start earning commissions and other agent compensation as soon as possible.

    Our training solutions include on-demand, self-paced online courses covering topics such as sales and marketing, compliance, and product knowledge. You’ll also attend live trainings with carrier representatives to prepare you for health, supplemental, and Medicare sales. Plus, we offer practical field training exercises and ride-alongs with sales leaders where you’ll experience real-life client meetings. In a nutshell, we make sure you have available all the knowledge and tools to deliver effective sales presentations and meet your clients’ needs.

  • What’s the compensation package like?

    Our agents are compensated in several different ways: 1) commissions for new business and renewals, 2) lead credits and matching lead dollars, 3) cash bonuses and incentives, and 4) trips and recognition. We have a great referral program for extra bonuses as well. Plus, there is no cap on commissions. Sales Leaders have the opportunity to earn override commissions on the sales of their team, plus an additional bonus specifically for leaders. Best of all, our top agents regularly make well into the six figures.

  • How much compensation can new agents make?

    While performance varies, our top ten new agents earn about $120,000 on average in their first year and go on to earn around $147,000 in their second year. To learn more about compensation, read here.

  • Are there advancement opportunities?

    Yes. HealthMarkets is experiencing tremendous growth! And we regularly promote from within. Our independent insurance agents can advance to Sales Leader.

  • Does HealthMarkets provide leads?

    Yes. HealthMarkets makes it easy and affordable to access high-converting insurance leads, including pre-set appointments, live transfer calls, inbound inquiries, and digital quoter leads. Our lead programs are driven by our national advertising campaigns, which include TV, radio, direct mail, email, paid search, SEO, and social media. We spend millions each year on national advertising and have offered close to 200,000 live calls to our agents. Plus, we partner with multiple vendors to provide you with access to competitively priced HealthMarkets-branded and third-party leads from more than 200 campaigns.

  • Can I focus on the fast-growing senior market?

    Absolutely! With 11,000 seniors entering the market each day, you’ll be busy throughout the year. And with our proprietary Senior Market sales system, you’ll have the tools you need to identify customer needs and find opportunities for cross-selling. You’ll be able to recommend products that offer customers health and financial protection, such as Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement (Medigap), Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, final expense, long-term care insurance, dental, vision, and supplemental health insurance.

  • What incentives and recognition does HealthMarkets offer?

    HealthMarkets offers awards, cash bonuses, and incentive trips. We have contests throughout the year that give high-performing agents the opportunity to earn these rewards. We recognize top producers at our Annual Celebration event at destinations such as Hawaii and Monaco.

  • Does HealthMarkets offer any incentive programs for new agents?

    Yes. Our Agent Accelerator Program provides rewards and support for participating new agents for a full year from the date they complete their START Final Exam. New agents have the opportunity to earn lead credits, cash bonuses, and other rewards for achieving certain milestones. We also have a Kicker Bonus to help new agents earn extra rewards.

  • Does HealthMarkets provide technology to help me succeed?

    HealthMarkets offers access to proprietary, state-of-the-art sales tools that make it easy to streamline your workday and increase your productivity. Through our mobile-ready AgentConnect platform, you can order leads, manage leads in your CRM, generate quotes and proposals, submit applications, track your performance and earnings, interact with customers, see your income, enter friendly “battles” with other agents, and a whole lot more! These technologies are all provided to HealthMarkets agents free of charge.

  • Does HealthMarkets have an Agent Resource Center?

    Yes. Our Agent Resource Center is your central online portal where you can access the information, documents, news, and sales tools you need to stay up to date. It is only available to contracted HealthMarkets agents. You can access a wide range of resources, including information on marketing and lead programs, updates on carrier contests, compensation documents, training videos, technology platforms, and contact details for our support teams.

  • Does HealthMarkets offer ongoing field support?

    Our field leadership can provide ongoing coaching and mentoring to help you build and grow your career. You’ll be able to take part in regular agency team meetings and coaching with your local sales leadership. This engagement with local field leaders and peers will help you network, learn sales best practices, and enhance your overall compliance, product, and sales knowledge. Plus, these meetings are an opportunity to review production goals and accomplishments, get company news and information on upcoming sales contests, and ask questions.

  • What kind of marketing support do agents get?

    HealthMarkets provides a broad range of best-in-class marketing support to help grow your sales—all for FREE. We offer access to local listings on 60 search sites, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yelp. These listings make it easy for consumers to find you in search results, view your business on map applications such as Google Maps, and see your contact info, hours, photos, and reviews. You also get a free, SEO-optimized insurance agent website, which helps you appear in top search results to get more leads.

    And that’s not all! We send emails to your leads and clients on your behalf to help you nurture these relationships and increase your sales. Plus, you have access to a HealthMarkets-branded Facebook business page and tons of shareable content (articles, videos, etc.) to keep your followers engaged. Our Marketing team posts weekly to your Facebook page and responds to reviews, so you can focus on selling. We even offer free marketing guides that provide tips on how to prospect in your local market, how to engage customers using social media, and other proven strategies that can help grow your client base.

  • Do agents get their own website?

    Yes. All agents get a FREE professional, branded insurance agent website that’s SEO-optimized and mobile friendly. Your agent website features product lines you sell, compliance-approved content, social media integration, and personalization features such as the ability to add a professional profile photo. Plus, your website is linked to our Agent Finder tool on—which is top ranked on Google for “health insurance agent,” “Medicare Agent,” and other related terms—driving lots of free traffic to you.

  • Does HealthMarkets provide local advertising support?

    Yes. You have on-demand access to a range of professionally designed advertising materials (brochures, business cards, postcards, etc.) available at discounted rates. We also provide access to professionally produced TV and radio creative to help you reach a broader audience in your local market. Plus, we have branded signage if you want to set up a local storefront office.

  • Does HealthMarkets have a dedicated support team?

    HealthMarkets’ Field Services Support team provides agents with personal attention and resolutions to questions. We support you in a multitude of areas, including compensation, carrier relations, licensing, and technology. We make it convenient for agents to get assistance through email, voicemail, or live phone support. Plus, we also have a dedicated team to support your small group sales.

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