Welcome, Aspiring Entrepreneurs!

You’ve Got What We’re Looking For!

  • Freedom to be your own boss
  • Have flexible work hours
  • Enjoy a healthy work/life balance

Don't Let Them Tell You Insurance Is Boring

As an agent for HealthMarkets, you can interact with a variety of people every day helping them make important life decisions. That’s the stuff of heroes.

Your knowledge can help protect the finances of friends, family, and neighbors. You get to be in charge of your own future and in an industry you can count on.

What it Takes to Be a HealthMarkets Agent

Got Grit?

Starting out isn’t easy. You’ll need a license, certifications and the persistence to start a new career. But you aren’t alone. We’re here to support you with agent solutions to keep you on track.

Got Training?

HealthMarkets’ training philosophy goes beyond the usual product training. We nurture your talent to help guide your success so that you can start, build, and grow your sales.

Got Optimism?

You know that hard work can lead to big rewards. You know that you’ll learn something new every day. You can be happy knowing you’ve helped make someone’s life a little better.

Got Focus?

There’s a lot to know! Not just regulations and insurance product features, but client applications, agent technology, and converting leads into clients. Great time-management and organization skills will come in handy!

Start Your New Career With HealthMarkets

Want to know more about being a successful entrepreneur with HealthMarkets? Tell us a little about you and we’ll reach out about your new opportunity. We can’t wait to support you!

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