Put a Limit on Limits.

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Narrow portfolios. Enrollment periods. Your boss’ lack of vision. Those are limits. And limits are just so limiting.

You know you can build something better, so start now. Fire your boss, and hire a better one: you. Rise to new heights. Enjoy more independence, more personal satisfaction and more income potential.

Build a career without limits as an independent agent with HealthMarkets Insurance Agency.

Elevate Your Success Strategy.

These Facts Back You Up.

Unlimited Potential ::

Build high into the sky with HealthMarkets.

  • 180+ national and regional insurance companies.
  • Year-round offerings. No waiting for enrollment periods.
  • Over 100,000 preset appointments offered to our agents last year.
  • Robust product portfolio to address multiple markets, including the unique needs of senior consumers.

Exploding Opportunity ::

Break through to the next level.

  • Uninsured Americans: 50 million mandated to get coverage under health care reform.
  • Additional 20 million employees likely to leave their group plan for individual coverage.
  • 11,000 Americans becoming Medicare eligible each day.
  • 73% of Americans rely on agents to help make complex insurance decisions.

HealthMarkets Gives You a Full Toolbox of Support.

Marketing ::

Your business has market share built right in.

Cement your personal growth strategy.

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Technology ::

Because 21st century tools are so this century.

Hammer out appointments and build your business on the go.

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Training ::

Easy-to-follow instruction makes maintenance simple.

Nail down your knowledge and expertise.

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Attractive Features for Extra Curb Appeal.


Commissions and lucrative bonuses–all part of our aggressive compensation package.


Incentive trips for high-performing agents. Celebrate a super year in places like Cancún or Hawaii.


Top agents averaged $250K in earnings last year. Our profits could be your profits.

Opportunities are available nationwide.

Opportunities Opportunities Opportunities Opportunities Opportunities Opportunities Opportunities

HealthMarkets has locations all over the country. Combine our resources with your local knowledge. Contact us to break ground on your new career.


Start Building Today

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